Post Construction Cleaning Services

Simple and Green Cleaning is where you can find the best professional post construction cleaning services. We specialize in residential post construction cleaning and maid services and we have some of the best trained staff to provide you with the satisfactory services. Once your construction is completed, our expert team will clean the space and allow you to move in quickly and to set up easily. We are offering multiple cleaning services and whatever service you choose to hire, our staff will make sure that your new construction is clean, inviting and comfortable. What makes us to stand apart from the rest is our understanding of the unpredictability of the construction. Some of the services that Simple and Green Cleaning is offering are following:

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Post Construction

We know the hassle of shifting in a building right after the construction. It takes a lot of cleaning and with us you can make sure that your property is ready to move in with in a quick succession of time. We help our clients to remove the dust, dirt and debris from the newly constructed building and also offer the final touch ups to the newly built residential homes and commercial offices.


Window Cleaning

Although these services are specially designed for the commercial properties but you can also consider these services for the residential properties. Our window cleaners deal with all kind of windows that includes slides, tilts and fixed panel windows. You can consider these services to remove the dirt and dust from the interior and exterior window frames, tracks and sills.

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Real Estate & Model Maintenance

Not all cleaning service companies offer these services but we want to be the one stop solution for all your cleaning needs. That is why we are offering model maintenance services as well. These services are best suited for those who are considering to sell their property and want it to be in a good presentable form. With our model maintenance services, you can keep the model of your building clean and fresh.

Green Maid Services

Along with our other residential and commercial cleaning services you can also consider Simple and Green Cleaning to hire maid services that specializes in green cleaning. We have expert and trained maids that can keep the environment of your house healthy and clean. They are trained to use the green cleaning products to keep your house clean. The techniques that we use in the green cleaning are designed to make sure that they don’t irritate your eyes and lungs. We use time tested cleaning agents like vinegar, baking soda, peroxide water, lemon juice, salt, and other green cleaning products.

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Why you should hire post construction cleaning services?

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You might be thinking that hiring the post construction cleaning services is not worth it as you can do all the tasks on your own. It may be tempted to save a few buck but it may not be a very good move as you can easily damage the newly constructed things and that is where professionals come to rescue. We have the right tools and safety gears to ensure the safe thorough cleaning of the entire house. Construction cleaning is much more then just removing the dust and if you don’t have the right quality products you might not be able to see the best finishing of the building. The products that we use are not only effective but they are safe for the environment as well. This will make sure that you enjoy the healthy environment in your new building.

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