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How much does it cost?

Every home is different and unique, therefore we work with every homeowner to create a custom cleaning plan designed specifically according to your budget, preferences and frequency. The factors that will affect your house cleaning cost include the size of your home, number of bathrooms, number of pets and number of residents.

What if I have any questions?

You can ask question to our customer support team, who would love to assist you in any case.
You can contact them by sending an email to: contact@www.simplengreen.com

Green Cleaning

Does Green Cleaning Cost More?

No, it’s not. It was the days of the past where green products used to cost more, but in
today’s market, green cleaning costs are similar or in many cases even less than traditional
cleaning. As a home owner, you can really save when switching to green cleaning products and
processes that are more efficient and remain benevolent to the environment.

House Cleaning

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies or equipment?

We offer 2 types of services,

  • Basic cleaning service: In this service home owner will have to provide all the cleaning supplies
    and we will provide labor and equipment.
  • ¬†Advanced cleaning service: In this service our crew will come to your home fully equipped to
    clean with top-quality products and specialized vacuums.
How about my Pet?

We are pet friendly. We love pets and we won’t disturb them at all. However, if your pet is in
some way aggressive, we recommend isolation during the cleaning to ensure the safety of our team.

What do we Clean?

We will clean anything and everything. We offer regular house cleaning, green cleaning and maid
services. This includes post construction cleaning, move in/move out cleaning, occasional cleaning
and spring or fall cleanings.
With our comprehensive service range and knowledgeable team you don’t have to get worried
about a single thing. All you have to do is just point out what needs to be done and our hardworking,
skillful team will do all the dusting, sweeping, cleaning and complete it up to a very tidy standard.

What if we missed a spot?

Our team offers superior, consistent and quality home cleanings. However, miscommunication occur
and we may make a mistake. Thas why we offer a house cleaning service guarantee. If our
team missed any spot, just notify us and we will send our team to correct the mistake at no charge.